Remember the Golden Rule? Well, at Deans Services, we live by it. In case you've forgotten, here's a reminder or two...

-  Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Respect your co-workers, regardless of what generation,     culture, or background they're from.

-  We will treat you with courtesy, dignity, and consideration. We expect the same from you.

-  Cooperate with one another and work together for the benefit of each other and the company. The valuable    people in any business are those who can and do cooperate with others.

-  Communicate with one another in a respectful and honest manner. We encourage frank, open discussions and prompt resolution of any concerns or misunderstandings.

-  Have a little fun... but never insult, disrespect, or hurt your co-workers.

Over the years we have grown, but we still operate with the same core values and commitment to excellence that we started with. These core values are summed up in five unchangeable principles that guide our business and our relationships with customers and with employees:

1.  Integrity: Possess high personal moral standards, be honest and trustworthy, and show pride and sincerity in all that we do.

2.  Respect: Promote dignity, fairness, consideration, and equal opportunity. Recognize and appreciate everyone for the role they play in our company.

3.  Teamwork: Work together willingly toward our common goals and shared vision, building upon each of our strengths while promoting trust and confidence in each other.

​4.  Professionalism: Be dedicated in words and actions to do the best we are capable of doing, never compromising Deans Services standards and values.

5.  Quality: Provide the highest level of excellent service to every single customer, regardless of how small or large.

At Deans Services, our mission is to:

1.  Always treat our customers and their property with respect and dignity.

2.  Provide the highest standard of honesty, integrity, and professionalism to everyone with whom we do business.

3.  Continually educate our customers about our industry and our relationship with the environment.

4.  Operate in a safe and responsible manner in order to protect the environment, our customers, and ourselves.

5.  Be a progressive company, always in pursuit of more innovative ways to provide a premium service.

6.  Be committed to the survival, growth, and profitability of the company and ourselves.

7.  Avoid allowing the company to control our lives, but retain control of the company so as to have a life.

8.  Work together as a team to achieve the above goals.

At Deans Services, we hire people who are committed to our values and purpose. That is why we carefully select talented people through a process that typically involves several pre-employment procedures.